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[開學]106學年第1學期的課程看版開張了 歡迎同學問問題-20170917

作者 主題: [Wiki] MediaWiki Infobox Templates-20141220  (閱讀 2344 次)


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[Wiki] MediaWiki Infobox Templates-20141220
« 於: 十二月 20, 2014, 07:13:59 pm »

Download the Scribuntu extension into your extensions folder and add it to your LocalSettings.php as described in the ‘Installation’ section.

Copy the CSS required to support the infobox from to your Wiki. The CSS is available in Common.css. You’ll probably need to create the stylesheet – it will be at http://your_wiki/wiki/index.php?title=MediaWiki:Common.css&action=edit – and then you can just copy/paste the contents in there. (I copied the whole file; you can probably just copy the infobox parts.)

Export the Infobox Template from the
Go to Wikipedia’s Special:Export page
Leave the field for ‘Add pages from category’ empty
In the big text area field, just put in “Template:Infobox”.
Make sure the three options – “Include only the current revision, not the full history”, “Include templates”, and “Save as file” – are all checked
Hit the ‘Export’ button; it will think for a second then spit out an XML file containing all the Wikipedia Templates for the infobox for you to save to your PC.

Import page – http://your_wiki/wiki/index.php/Special:Import – select the file and then hit ‘Upload file’.
With the Templates and styles added you should be able to now add a simple infobox. Pick a page and add something like this to the top:
程式碼: [Select]
|title = An amazing Infobox
|header1 = It works!
|label2 = Configured by
|data2 = trog
|label3 = Web
|data3 = []

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