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[開學]106學年第1學期的課程看版開張了 歡迎同學問問題-20170917

作者 主題: [Tool] Trinity Release v2.4.0  (閱讀 2239 次)


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[Tool] Trinity Release v2.4.0
« 於: 二月 17, 2017, 04:03:28 pm »
-uses samtools v1.3, jellyfish 2.2.6, and trimmomatic 0.36
-seqtk now used for fastq->fasta conversions
-updated compute resource monitoring routines that leverage collectl
-included utilities to examine strand-specificity of the rna-seq reads:
-Trinity carefully checks formatting of 'samples_file' to ensure it uses all the samples (dealing w/ non-unix text-editor formatting issues that can bundle the entire text file into what looks like a single line of text)
-Docker image updated to include salmon for abundance estimation
-refined use of bowtie2 in chrysalis clustering and various updates to improve long-read support.

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