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作者 主題: [php] SQL 基本述敘  (閱讀 8263 次)


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[php] SQL 基本述敘
« 於: 十二月 17, 2008, 11:19:35 pm »
讀寫資料庫資料基本的四個運算Create, read, update and delete (CRUD)
$query = "SELECT * FROM webuser WHERE ( username='$user' AND password='$pwd')";
$query = "SELECT SID, SName, SCode, SLoc, SComment, SDate FROM vote WHERE SID='$Var1'";
$query="INSERT INTO vote(SID, SName, SCode, SLoc) VALUES ('$Var1', '$Var2', '$Var3', '$Var4')";
$query="UPDATE vote SET SName='$Var2', SCode='$Var3', SDate=NOW() WHERE SID='$Var1'";
$query="DELETE FROM vote WHERE SID='$Var1'";

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