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作者 主題: 學習者主導教學 (Learner controlled instruction)  (閱讀 1277 次)


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學習者主導教學 (Learner controlled instruction)
« 於: 二月 14, 2016, 01:59:14 am »
Learner controlled instruction (學習者主導教學)

Locus of instructional control; Self-regulated learning; Student-controlled instruction
Learner control refers to instructional strategies through which learners can exercise some level of control over the events of instruction. It means that learners make their own decisions regarding the sequence, pace, flow, amount, and review of instruction. Allowing learners control their own learning process implies that instructional control is handed over to learners in order to accommodate their individual differences toward the purpose of maximizing their gains.
Instruction is considered to be more externally controlled when the learner follows a predetermined/fixed sequence without any control over the lesson. On the other hand, instruction is thought to be more internally controlled in settings where the learner exercises certain amount of control over the contingencies of a lesson (Hannafin 1984).
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