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作者 主題: [標準] Internet Low Bitrate Codec (iLBC)  (閱讀 2019 次)


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[標準] Internet Low Bitrate Codec (iLBC)
« 於: 一月 31, 2016, 10:42:39 pm »
Sampling frequency 8 kHz/16 bit (160 samples for 20 ms frames, 240 samples for 30 ms frames)
Controlled response to packet loss, delay and jitter
Fixed bitrate (15.2 kbit/s for 20 ms frames, 13.33 kbit/s for 30 ms frames)
Fixed frame size (304 bits per block for 20 ms frames, 400 bits per block for 30 ms frames)
Robustness similar to pulse code modulation (PCM) with packet loss concealment, like the ITU-T G.711
CPU load similar to G.729A, with higher basic quality and better response to packet loss
Since 2011 it is available under an open source (3-clause BSD license) license as a part of the open source WebRTC project.[5] (previously commercial use of the source code supplied by GIPS required a licence[10])
PSQM testing under ideal conditions yields mean opinion scores of 4.14 for iLBC (15.2 kbit/s), compared to 4.3 for G.711 (µ-law)

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