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作者 主題: [Tool] RegRNA: A Regulatory RNA Motifs and Elements Finder  (閱讀 869 次)


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[Tool] RegRNA: A Regulatory RNA Motifs and Elements Finder
« 於: 十月 24, 2016, 11:48:41 pm »
RegRNA 2.0 is an integrated web server for identifying functional RNA motifs in an input RNA sequence. RegRNA 2.0 extendsour previvous work, RegRNA which is a widely used regulatory RNA motifs identification tool (times cited: 47#) by incoporatingmore analytical methods and updated data sources. Through our integrated user-friendly interface, user can conveniently use these analytical approaches and observe results with good graphical visualization. Serveralkinds of functional RNA motifs and sites can be identified by RegRNA 2.0:
  ▪ Splicing sites (donor site, acceptor site)
  ▪ Splicing regulatory motifs(ESE, ESS, ISE, ISS elements)
  ▪ Polyadenylation sites
  ▪ Transcriptional motifs (rho-independentterminator, TRANSFAC)
  ▪ Translational motifs (ribosome binding sites)
  ▪ UTR motifs (UTRsite patterns)
  ▪ mRNA degradation elements (AU-rich elements)
  ▪ RNA editing sites (C-to-U editing sites)
  ▪ Riboswitches (RiboSW)
  ▪ RNA cis-regulatory elements (Rfam, ERPIN)
  ▪ Similar funcitonal RNA sequences (fRNAdb)
  ▪ RNA-RNA interaction regions (miRNA, ncRNA)
  ▪ User defined Motif (RNAMotif)
  ▪ Miscellaneous information (open reading frame, GC-ratio, RNA accessibility and etc.)

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