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作者 主題: [Tutorial] 透過Python與Spark做氣象大數據分析  (閱讀 1151 次)


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[Tutorial] 透過Python與Spark做氣象大數據分析
« 於: 十二月 21, 2016, 04:30:56 pm »

In this project, we applied Spark in weather data analysis. This application includes uploading data to Object Storage, establishing RDD, making data filtered, calculating the average of data, printing results and sorting. Based on the uses mentioned above, Bluemix Spark includes many advantages. It can start to make data analysis within one minute. Users only need to push one to two button to make resource extension. (You can choose the memory and the number of hosts)  It is convenient for users to make data storage and access and they do not have to consider infrastructure problem.

Spark helps us enter data analysis environment  quickly, so that data scientists can create more values for the data. 

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